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Stroller industry is a promising industry

Author: Date:2013-5-28 0:09:36
First, the increasing market capacity. With China's rapid economic development, people's living standards improve year by year. Assuming that the birth of a baby in a family, if economic conditions permit, the family will make the greatest efforts to provide the best material conditions for the baby. The data show that the number of infants 0-6 years old as 108 million, to the average child spending 5000 yuan budget for the vision of the market capacity will be 500 billion yuan.ride on cars Stroller baby products in the most typical and universal products, so the stroller has a very big market. Stroller industry is a sunrise industry, currently the most investment prospects in the next three to five years, the industry will become the most dazzling industry.

Second, the brand survive overwhelming. Start from a few years ago, the the stroller industry price war in full swing, a number of small businesses finally unable to parry in a brutal price war in the fall, closing, closure or merger in the market disappeared at a faster rate of survival of the fittest. But because consumer demand offset stroller in the design and workmanship of Datong, the original "price war" has slowly tilted to the value of war "," brand marketing "gradually replaced" price marketing new businesses open market strategy . Stroller market, the brand is effective. Consumer brand awareness, satisfaction, and loyalty will determine the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. The kids tricycle stroller brands more and more importance in enterprises, so how the carriage business in order to enable consumers to select their own from the many stroller brands, stroller which became the primary consideration. In other words, the brand survival became the stroller companies unstoppable trends.

Third, professional brand operation bear the brunt. Stroller industry, many enterprises are slowly grown into a large enterprise with powerful strength, they also recognize the importance of branding, but they have the idea of ​​no way, do not know how to do the brand, so never established the stroller industry leaders brand . Mature industry often has formed a a leader brand communities, development is not very mature industry, often only one or two leaders brand in quietly, not even the brand leaders. If the development is already quite mature home appliance industry has emerged Haier, Midea, Changhong, TCL brand leaders, the stroller industry still can not find good boy this very powerful brand, across the country, hoot brand FY leadership. This is obviously not stable enough.