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To buy stroller Beware dangerous cracks

Author: Date:2013-5-28 0:13:18
To children to buy a stroller, parents must look carefully at whether the dangerous cracks and sharp edges, so as not to be a security risk. Reporters learned from the Henan Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, October 9, the council prior to the supervision and checking of 33 batches tricycle baby trikes produced by 24 enterprises in Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Luohe, Nanyang four provincial cities stroller products, which do not meet the standard the requirements of the project involving dangerous cracks, dynamic durability, product model, sharp edges, and driving stability.

The Supervision, Inspection and based on national standards, quality strollers material, metal surface, the combustion performance of dangerous cracks, shear and pinch points, sharp edges, and cutting-edge 31 projects have been tested on children tricycle small parts, driving stability,tricycle for 3 year old connection fasteners pedal ground clearance of 27 projects have been tested. Sampling inspection showed that 31 batches of products to meet the standard requirements.