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Stroller and wheelchair

Author: Date:2013-5-28 0:16:23
Stroller and wheelchair is the starting and ending in the life course. Whenever you see these two things in the district where lot of emotion. Sitting the kid tricycles manufacturer child in the pram, by the meticulous care, eat drink everything; sitting in a wheelchair for the elderly, the treatment received by the poor more, eat and drink free, up to his neck hung a towel. used to wipe the nose, mucus, saliva and the like. The person pushing the stroller is usually the parents, grandparents or grandpa Laoniang, and elders; pushing the wheelchair, the situation is a bit complicated, which the workers for more than sons and daughters and other relatives rarely.
Children sitting in children tricycles manufacturer the pram, push go, both by people like. Small baby, how old are you? Really cute. "Whether it is a familiar person or stranger, saw the child, can not help but the demonstration of joy. While sitting in her wheelchair for the elderly do not have this good fortune, encounter familiar people, but also by some sympathy, or care of hypocrites; strangers shunned.